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Holistic Planning

A. Introducing permaculture
B. Living nature
C. Design
D. Growing food
E. Built environment and resource use
F. Social permaculture
Holistic planning (HP):

Theme  Topic  Sub Topic Age HP Details
Plants and trees Creating arts and crafts from natural materials Tie 4 sticks together using square lashing to make a picture frame. Walk around the woods (or other natural area) placing the picture frame in different places as if it is a painting.
Plants and trees Creating arts and crafts from natural materials Weave a basket and use it to collect plants which you forage.
Plants and trees Creating arts and crafts from natural materials Spend a night in a forest camping in a self-built shelter.
Design Creative expression Experience other people (children and adults) creating things together.
Design Creative expression Assemble loose parts or creative objects to create own play space.
Design Creative expression Share own ideas, choices and dreams.
Design Creative expression Play with designing with sand (in sandboxes or at the beach), clay or other natural materials.
Design Creative expression Have a party to celebrate a creation in which they were involved in the design process.
Design Creative expression See examples of other people's creative expression through song, dance, painting, nature art, model-making etc. by hosting events or visiting places (such as museums, outdoor exhibitions etc.).
Design Creative expression Experience a dream circle (in which everyone expresses their dream/vision for a project/event).
Design Creative expression Build with clay bricks, sticks and other natural materials (e.g. fairy dens).
Design Creative expression See their own creative work being appreciated by others.
Design Designing and deciding When experiencing a challenge, learn to appreciate it by remembering the attitudinal principle 'the problem is the solution' (e.g. find multiple perspectives, reverse the problem).
Design Designing and deciding Choose a pattern which is most likely to meet your function (e.g. branching pattern for paths). Try using that pattern in your design.
Design Designing and deciding Present their own design to friends, families, teachers, community etc in a form of their choice (e.g. drawing, singing, drama, art, video etc).
Design Designing and deciding Develop an aesthetic sense - noticing beauty and asking why is it beautiful - in appearance and in function (ingenious).
Design Designing and deciding Find solutions to problems, through their own creative designs. The permaculture ethics and principles can help to get ideas or guide this.
Design Designing and deciding Document a process in which they make a positive difference in their direct environment and/or community
Design Designing and deciding Use permaculture ethics and principles to make choices
Design Designing and deciding Create designs using drawing, model-making, post-its, sandbox, building bricks, ropes etc on site, or other appropriate method.

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