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Holistic Planning

A. Introducing permaculture
B. Living nature
C. Design
D. Growing food
E. Built environment and resource use
F. Social permaculture
Holistic planning (HP):

Theme  Topic  Sub Topic Age HP Details
Growing food Animals in permaculture Create habitat for wild animals in a garden (e.g. wildlife pond, wildflower meadow).
Growing food Animals in permaculture Create something from a product of an animal found in nature or a garden (e.g. candles, brushes, feather pens).
Growing food Animals in permaculture Research the way indigenous people (e.g. Sami, native Americans, ) used the whole of an animal (e.g. buffalo) to meet many of their needs (e.g. clothes, housing, footwear, music, boat, food). Explore how local people's traditional practices enabled them to 'produce no waste' and 'use and value renewable resources'.
Growing food Animals in permaculture Notice what wild animals are eating, and what their homes look like.
Growing food Animals in permaculture Learn about sustainable aquaculture systems and when, and why, they can be appropriate.
Buildings Biomimicry Watch how birds build their nests.
Buildings Biomimicry Talk about something amazing which an animal does, such as 'How does a bird make a nest with it's beak!?!' and try to copy their shelter (e.g. foxes den, wood mouse nest).
Buildings Biomimicry Observe how buildings are built in harmony with the natural landscape and climate (lower buildings in a high valley, pointed roofs where it snows a lot, green roofs, etc.).
Buildings Biomimicry Copy a design from nature into something they build (biomimicry).
Air Breath Notice your own breathing, try breathing like a turtle/rabbit/ladybug/mouse/horse/cow etc and see how it makes you feel.
Air Breath Find out that everything breathes in different ways (plants, fish, etc).
Air Breath Find out that everything breathes in different ways (plants, fish etc.)
Air Breath Notice how when you breathe in, you feel yourself, and when you breathe out you feel that you are connected with others.
Air Breath Hold breath as long as possible - then imagine when you breath in it is daytime, when you breathe out it is nighttime (that is how fast a tree breathes).
Air Breath "Breathing pillows" - invite the children to lie down with their heads on each other's tummies, to feel each other's breath.
Air Breath Breathe in and then release the breathe with a beautiful sound.
Air Breath Make a closed terrarium in a glass bottle.
Plants and trees Bushcraft Tell stories about indigenous people and how they met all their needs from the local environment.
Plants and trees Bushcraft Use a potato peeler to remove the bark of a green stick, e.g. to make dough sticks on the campfire.
Plants and trees Bushcraft Decorate a talking stick and use it in a listening circle.

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