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Holistic Planning

A. Introducing permaculture
B. Living nature
C. Design
D. Growing food
E. Built environment and resource use
F. Social permaculture
Holistic planning (HP):

Theme  Topic  Sub Topic Age HP Details
Air Breath Find out that everything breathes in different ways (plants, fish, etc).
Air Breath Find out that everything breathes in different ways (plants, fish etc.)
Air Breath Notice how when you breathe in, you feel yourself, and when you breathe out you feel that you are connected with others.
Air Breath Make a closed terrarium in a glass bottle.
Air Breath Breathe in and then release the breathe with a beautiful sound.
Air Breath Hold breath as long as possible - then imagine when you breath in it is daytime, when you breathe out it is nighttime (that is how fast a tree breathes).
Air Breath "Breathing pillows" - invite the children to lie down with their heads on each other's tummies, to feel each other's breath.
Air Breath Notice your own breathing, try breathing like a turtle/rabbit/ladybug/mouse/horse/cow etc and see how it makes you feel.
Air How climate affects habitats and cultures Visit a greenhouse (e.g. in a botanic garden) and notice the differences/ similarities between the different climates created.
Air How climate affects habitats and cultures Design a home for people or an animal that takes into account the climatic effects of a particular region.

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