Living nature

Topic: Plants and trees
Subtopic: Fire
Age: 7 - 12
Holistic Planning: Heart
Details: Tell the story of the fire monster: A long, long time ago there was a fire monster living in a cave with a fire which he wouldn't share with the other animals. Firstly the lion tried to steal the fire, then the elephant tried to steal it, finally a little bird went. The bird stayed with the fire monster eating the bugs from it's back for a long time, then when the monster was sleeping it stole the fire, got blackened by it, then threw it to the badger who got blackened up its face, the fox caught it with its tale (also getting blackened). Finally the ash tree (Fraxinus excelsior) caught it and captured it, which is why its finger-shaped buds are black, and if you tickle it the ash will give it back.