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Holistic Planning

A. Introducing permaculture
B. Living nature
C. Design
D. Growing food
E. Built environment and resource use
F. Social permaculture
Holistic planning (HP):

Theme  Topic  Sub Topic Age HP Details
Water Playing in water Paint with watercolors on wet paper, mixing colors as they spread into one another.
Water Catching and saving water Create solutions that save water (e.g. putting brick in toilet cistern, ways of saving water in the garden).
Water Catching and saving water Discuss the benefits of catching rainwater (e.g. saves using tap water thus energy, reduces floods)
Water Playing in water Add some soil to water - and shake it up - use it as a metaphor to discuss how sometimes our mind gets full of thoughts and muddy or cloudy - and then when we are peaceful, it settles and becomes clear and pure again.
Water Water for Life Learn that water is essential for all plants and animals to live (including humans).
Water The properties of water and the water cycle Watch diffusion of a something (e.g. a dye) and see how it is absorbed by a plant.
Water Water for Life Imagine being the dry earth, and how the gentle rainfall soaks into it, awakening seeds and life inside.
Water Playing in water Observe how different objects float or sink.
Water Playing in water Song - Shimshai "Pure, pure like the water".
Water Playing in water Make a waterfall wall - with different tubes and funnels attached to a board that children can pour water through.
Water Playing in water Do a story massage for a partner - using movements that represent the flowing of water, the pattering of rain and the sun drying up the rain.
Water Water for Life Imagine there is no rain for a whole year, what would happen to the earth to people, to animals? Imagine being a tree - and that you are calling to the sky for the clouds to come and rain; Imagine then how you would feel when the rain begins after such a long time.
Water The properties of water and the water cycle Listen to a story about the water cycle (the story of a drop of water traveling through the sea, up into the clouds, falling on the earth, absorbed by soil, into aquifers etc)
Water Catching and saving water Make biodegradable products (e.g. simple cleaners from vinegar, ash etc.)
Water Playing in water Observe the differences between flowing water and stagnant water.
Water Water for Life Imagine you are a fish in the sea, meeting different marine life and exploring the shells, plants, underwater caves etc.
Water Water for Life Find aquatic animals and plants.
Water Water for Life Make a chart to keep track of watering plants in turns.
Water Catching and saving water Create rainwater catchment systems.
Water Catching and saving water See different ways of catching rainwater (e.g. roof, tarp etc.)

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