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Holistic Planning

A. Introducing permaculture
B. Living nature
C. Design
D. Growing food
E. Built environment and resource use
F. Social permaculture
Holistic planning (HP):

Theme  Topic  Sub Topic Age HP Details
Using nature's gifts wisely Ways to use less: refuse, reduce, reuse, repair, recycle Compose a recycling song or make a music video using the song "There’s no such thing as waste" (from the Formidable Vegetable Sound System)
Using nature's gifts wisely Finding solutions for sustainable living Harvest and prepare a permaculture product e.g. basket, food, natural dyes.
Using nature's gifts wisely Finding solutions for sustainable living Making a song, drama or other creative expression to mobilize and inspire people to use sustainable solutions.
Preparing food Helping to prepare food and eating together Taste different healthy foods.
Buildings Shelter Experience sleeping in a shelter made by themselves from local natural materials and compare it with living indoors.
Buildings Shelter Use ropes and strings to tie knots to build something (such as a shelter).
Buildings Insulation and draught-proofing Go out camping and find out ways of keeping yourself warm.
Buildings Insulation and draught-proofing Experience sitting in two different buildings in winter - a well insulated building and an uninsulated one. Discuss the differences.
Buildings Biomimicry Talk about something amazing which an animal does, such as 'How does a bird make a nest with it's beak!?!' and try to copy their shelter (e.g. foxes den, wood mouse nest).
Buildings Natural building materials Feel different textures and warmth of natural building materials with bare feet or hands (e.g. straw bale).

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