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Holistic Planning

A. Introducing permaculture
B. Living nature
C. Design
D. Growing food
E. Built environment and resource use
F. Social permaculture
Holistic planning (HP):

Theme  Topic  Sub Topic Age HP Details
Growing food Caring for soil Listen to stories about the soil and the communities of minibeasts that live in it.
Growing food Caring for soil Find out that compost is good for plants and helps them grow.
Growing food Caring for soil Discover that food scraps can gradually turn to compost.
Growing food Caring for soil Learn that it is good to cover soil with mulch, to feed the worms and keep the soil moist.
Growing food Caring for soil See, smell and feel healthy soil, and compare to degraded soil (e.g. soil from a lawn, intensively farmed field).
Growing food Caring for soil See the layers of a compost bin or worm tower (e.g. through a transparent side) to see how organic material transforms into compost.
Growing food Caring for soil Observe plants in the garden, noticing which ones are healthy or not and thus if they need more nutrients in the soil.
Growing food Caring for soil Make compost using different methods (e.g. hot composting, wormery, cold composting, liquid compost).
Growing food Caring for soil Identify creatures in the compost (e.g. children create cards with pictures, names and explanations of the roles of that creature).
Growing food Caring for soil Do a scientific experiment comparing different ways of making compost: e.g. under water vs air, with all 'greens' together vs with 'greens' and 'browns' in layers, in sun vs shade, with added worms vs without, adding effective micro-organisms, small vs large container, hot composting, wormery etc. Survey experiment weekly for 2+ months. Compare smell, colour, flies, decomposition rate etc.

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