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Holistic Planning

A. Introducing permaculture
B. Living nature
C. Design
D. Growing food
E. Built environment and resource use
F. Social permaculture
Holistic planning (HP):

Theme  Topic  Sub Topic Age HP Details
Design Surveying the landscape and people Learn about the history of the place and indigenous/traditional knowledge in the area
Design Surveying the landscape and people List all the different resources which you have that could be relevant, e.g. using headings of paste (plants, animals, structures, tools and events).
Design Surveying the landscape and people Appreciate the designs in the human environment that help systems to work well.
Design Surveying the landscape and people Make maps and diagrams about information gathered
Design Surveying the landscape and people Interview, or create a questionnaire/survey to give out to, children, friends or other people about their needs and wishes for the design.
Design Surveying the landscape and people Make a map with overlays of the different microclimates in a garden - sun/shades, wet/dry, wind/shelter.
Water Playing in water Listen to different sounds of water.
Design Making choices Be involved in making choices that are the best for all.
Design Making choices Appreciate and celebrate the group work we have done together (whether making choices, collective artwork etc.).
Design Making choices Accept that their first preference isn't always the chosen option considering all other factors (including other people's preferences, resources, ethics).

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